200 EMA error in look back

Hi, The 200 EMA doesn’t load properly on refresh in the default visible range. It gets fine after the whole chart is zoomed out and zoomed back again to the visible range. This seems to be some issue with look back and its noticeable by a huge margin on the 200EMA.

In Default view after refresh.

After zooming out and bringing back to default view range.

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande I am here from this long. This was my account until I disposed it. I used to spend time in finding bugs lol. You can check from it’s history.

I came with a few temporary accounts after this one to solve few more bugs related to order placed using the “+” sign and the bar disappearing or giving errors.

I have been always patient and calmly waited and the fixes is what kept me stick to your platform. I have seen your platform grow.

Just to prove that @ayaan was my alter account.

I have decided to leave Dhan today and I don’t think I will be coming back. It is not made for perfectionists like me. Whatever I have raised in the recent times has been ignored or not worked upon. If you have calls recorded, check my last conversion with the team from weeks back and it has been ignored.

It makes me really sad to leave Dhan after being here for more than a year but I have to emotionally detach from it and focus on trading rather than facing or raising glitches.

I can’t spend more time in explaining the problems I face as a trader. While most of them have been solved and the platform is very stable compared to what it was last year at the same time, some core bugs are there which scalpers don’t like.

I will always look forward to Dhan becoming the TOP broker in India and I wish to come back soon!

Stay Blessed and Keep Growing!! Wish your team all the best! :heart: