About Weekly Expiries

When Weekly Contracts Are So Popular In Indices Such As Nifty , BankNifty Etc. Why NSE Don’t Introduce Weekly Contracts Of Stock Options, Any Limitations Or Something Which I’m Unaware Of, Anyone Please Explain Thanks…

As of now only 3 indices has decent liquidity - nifty50, banknifty and finnifty. A look at the open interest at far strikes will give you an idea.

BSE sensex, bankex & NSE MidCpSelect indices are yet to pick up liquidity.

What this means is the number & volume of traders are still not high enough, once we have it even the stocks could have weekly expiries.

Till then stay with liquid strikes to avoid freak trades or stop loss hunting!

For Non Directional Or Strategy Based Traders They Are Good But I MySelf Do Option Buying, In Option Buying You Should A Clear View Of Directions & Price Movement As Well, When We Trade In Indices They Barely Move 1% But Stocks On The Other Hand They Moves Like 2-3% Easily, Which Is Actually Good If You Are An Option Buyer. On The Other Hand They Lacks Liquidity, There Are Only Few Stocks Which Are Liquid Enough To Trade Flawlessly

I Don’t Know About Data But I Feel That Liquidity Is The One Of The Few Reasons That People Are Trading Nifty Or Bank Nifty Options Instead Of Stock Options & They Are On A Losing Side.

I may not have enough data points to validate this.

2 to 3% moves are not really required to make money via directional strategies. Even a small spike can drive up the options premium in index.

In Indices It’s Very Difficult To Trade The :ox: Or :bear: Directions, But In Stocks You Have Multiple Options To Analyse The Perfect Chart You Want To Trade That Is What I’m Trying To Say