Again see candle high difference in Trading View and Dhan chart

8 pts a difference in candle high.

Trading view


Hello @Jigar

We checked this at our end and didn’t find any such discrepancy on live charts. Again, we explained how live charts are formed here: Charts on Dhan: behind the scenes. The reason for the difference can be the same as explained in the post and also, it depends which platform do you take as base for comparison here.

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Hello @Hardik ,

Look at the high number in depth, and it’s not even reached that level in Chart, so at what price trade will execute? So trading view shows the correct things.

Hi @Jigar : Please also review the OHLC on NSE website: It matches with Dhan for OHLC.

However as mentioned in the detailed post also - exchanges send us snapshots of transactions and for that transaction when the stock hit 714.60 - the same was not included in the snapshot of broadcast.

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Hello Sir,
Ok, I got your point, but my curiosity is that orders will get executed based on OHLC from NSE or based on Chart, because assume I have to keep order based on today’s high, and I see value from chart it can give me false value, :slight_smile:

Let me clear that doubt, good you asked this :slight_smile:

Charts data is history of transactions that have happened already, and on charts it is just snapshot of history in that time-frame. Orders will get executed based on Market depth ie, Bids & Asks on exchange. Which is why we brought market depth on the order placement screen :technologist:

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