Alerts in Dhan needs some work

I usually spend lots of time to find potential opportunities in the market and use the alerts to remind myself if a stock is breaking out, but when I wanted to set alerts in dhan, I couldn’t name the alerts, Now as I said I spend a lot of time to find opportunities and So naturally I would need to create lots of alerts with special name, so I can remember what I wanted to do with the stock
For Example “Paytm short triggered”, “Reliance Resistance Breakout”
I cannot do this with dhan, and The alerts system is very basic,
Allow us to create more condition for alerts, Take a look at zerodha’s alert system which is integrated in kite:

And look at how it allows us to create complex alert conditions

Please Improve your alerts @RahulDeshpande

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I also usually set alerts to be reminded of when a stock hits my target, or I also set alerts to remind myself if My stop-loss is hit (I don’t use gtt),
If your aim is to build a platform for advance traders then you definitely need to work on alerts.

Hi @Yash0301,

Thanks for your feedback we have noted this. We are planning to introduce many features in the coming year and improving price alerts experience is one of our top priority. We will surely consider your suggestions while building the feature. Can’t wait to get your feedback once we release it.


any updates on this? @PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Naman
been 2 months, this should be near top of your priority list,
Not being able to name my alerts is a big drawback in Dhan

Hi @Yash0301,

Extremely sorry, We have taken your suggestion and working on it, we don’t want to disappoint you in any way. Please help us with some time we’ll notify you once we ship the redesigned price alert.

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Sure, I’ll wait patiently but make it one of your top priority as alerts are core features of any trading platform and without it a platform is incomplete, dhan’s alert system is very basic and striaght forward (works for me) but the only thing missing is the ability to name the alerts.