All about Renko Charts

Renko charts prioritize price movement in technical analysis. Each brick signifies price direction, offering reduced noise and clear trends. However, they miss small moves and historical data, necessitating combined use with indicators like AVWAP, Bollinger Bands, and RSI for better accuracy. Utilize trailing stop-loss and multiple time frames for risk management. Renko charts excel in trend identification but require supplementary tools for robust analysis.

Hereโ€™s our infographic representation on the basics of Renko Charts :rocket:

Eager to know do you trade in Renko Charts ? Which type of charts do you prefer?

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Many traders get impressed by seeing the back tested results of the Renko chart. Backtesting can show good returns but, in the execution trade may not get filled at that particular price.

Waiting for box to complete delays entry/exit. Delay of entry can make the stop bigger and delay of the exit can make the profit smaller. Trader needs to pay price for confirmed noiseless signal. :sweat_smile:

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