All data is missing from Web as well as app

Logged into Dhan a couple hours ago and was greeted with this.
It’s been a couple hours now but the data is still missing.

Yes same here. On Dhan app, option trader app, web etc

@Dhan_Help @PravinJ @Naman @JayK

Looking into this @t7support @Vishk519


Thanks @PravinJ. Appreciate the quick response.

Its resolved @t7support @Vishk519… please check and confirm.

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Yes resolved. Thanks !!!

Commodity ltp went 0 for few minutes on watchlist again today.

Hey @t7support Will have to get logs checked for the system you were connected with. Shouldn’t have happened as markets were on.

Happened on both mobile and web on commodity watchlist. NSE equity and fno was working fine. Even after a browser refresh it persisted on commodity watchlist. . LTP went to 0 for few minutes and then came back.

Position page while ltp was not 0 was showing incorrect ltp

Btw what logs would u need ? How to get those from mobile or web app ?