Announcing our new App - Options Trader by Dhan

Register for Early Access for Options Trader App by Dhan - Reserve your access on the waitlist, it’s coming soon! :rocket:

We launched Dhan a few months back on Muhurat Trading day (4th Nov 2021) with the aim of bringing lightning-fast investing and trading experience for Long-Term Investors and Super Traders. Our focus continues to be simple - great product & consumer experience backed by awesome customer service; and with that, we are raising the bar for the Stock Broking industry in India.

Over time, we have released many industry-first features and are constantly iterating on the basis of user feedback that we receive every day. We continue to improve our existing features and add more capabilities to them - thanks to all the ideas, suggestions, and notes that we get from our users.

With more interactions with our users, especially super traders - we realized there’s a huge void for a powerful and lightning-fast Options Trading app that is specially designed for Options Traders.

Introducing - A dedicated app for Options Traders by Dhan!

We will be releasing this soon (very soon!) and it will be available for FREE (yes, no additional fees for Super Traders on Dhan). We will work closely with the first 10,000 users who will get access to the Options Trader app and ensure we continue to make this better every day.

There are limited slots, so register now for early access - Options Trader - Options Trading App Built for India | Dhan

Want a sneak peek? Here are some of the powerful features that are going to enhance your options trading experience:

:white_check_mark: 1-Tap Options Trading

:white_check_mark: Pre-Built Trading Strategies

:white_check_mark: Screeners for Option Traders

:white_check_mark: Scanners for OI & Volumes

:white_check_mark: Pay-off Graphs

:white_check_mark: Strategy Analysers

:white_check_mark: F&O Underlying Scanners

:white_check_mark: Baskets with Margin Benefits

:white_check_mark: Option Chains with Greeks

:white_check_mark: Get Margin Benefits with Stock Pledging

And this includes all the incredible features that you already love on the Dhan app.

Bonus points - Everything you do on any Dhan platform is automatically in sync across all products - Dhan Web, TradingView by Dhan, Dhan Apps, DhanHQ API stack, and now also on Options Traders for Dhan.

You too also have a chance to get Priority Access, FREE Live Market Scanners & FREE Pre Built Strategies for a Month! Just share your invite link you receive on WhatsApp and help 20 trader friends to register for the early access :rocket:

Register now, it’s coming very soon - Options Trader - Options Trading App Built for India | Dhan

Get ready for a Powerful Trading Experience! :rocket:


Congratulations to Team Dhan for bringing this on. I am on the early access list. Will be looking forward to use the new APP.

@RahulDeshpande @PravinJ @Naman

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Thanks @nity , really appreciate it. We are sure Future & Options traders are going to love our new app :rocket:

Do share across your waitlist invite with your trader friends, and on social media channels. :smile: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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This is Gold . Loooking forward


This is really good…I am on wait list. Looking forward to it


Thanks @anilmm2005 :smile:

I am also happy to share with you all, that we are opening an early access to our community members.

Do invite your trader friends to register for the early access, and get FREE Pre-Built Strategies and Free Live Market Scanners for a Month on the Options Trader App.

cc : @amit @Bombaylives @nity @sibasis @Hemanthcj @Yash0301


@RahulDeshpande Is Dhan planning to charge for Pre-Built Strategies and Live Market Scanners after first Month on the Options Trader App ?

May be it’s a Great but first you must clear the margins issues in dhan… i think you noticed extra margins requirement queries in these days. If you modified the margins then that’s the biggest thing from dhan because from the Feb 1st week of 2022, still no updates.

If the app is paid, trader should be profitable to bare the recurring expanse.

And, if the trader is already consistent profitable, how does a new tool can increase the profits?

:person_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

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It will be FREE for all the Dhan users who have more than 25 executed orders. :smile: :rocket:

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wish we can trade dynamic options through webhook in the new app?

@RahulDeshpande you people are doing really great i have informed this to around 200 members don’t no how many are going to register.

Can you include IV chart also this is very much is required for option traders.


Glad to hear this @Hemanthcj :rocket:

Have noted your suggestion to include IV chart.

Keep contributing to the community :heart:

More than 25 executed order per day ?

Hi @sibasis ,

Nope, 25 orders executed till now.