Another frustrating bug in Dhan's tradingview

today post market I spent hours analyzing stocks and made the watchlist in trading-view terminal for tomorrow, I wanted to contiune the process of analysis and so I opened dhan again and found that my watchlist was not fully saved, take a look
dumb bug

I added lots of stocks and only few were saved, My effort and hours of work was in vain,
Iโ€™m very angry at this, Please fix this and make it your top most priority,
Bugs like these are what keeping me from using dhan fully, it is certainly not a stable platform, I recommend that you do not to be in haste to advertise it and bring it to masses as you know that the first impression is important and new users when they will stumble upon such bugs will not like dhan very much

please look into it @RahulDeshpande @Naman


@RahulDeshpande check this asap

Hi @Yash0301
We tried replicating this on our end. It is working completely fine. Can we get on a brief google meet call and understand this issue in deep? Please mail me your active email-Id at I will send an invite.

I think Iโ€™ve already described what happened, I spent lots of time selecting stocks and adding them in watchlist and when I logged in again, most of the stocks were not present, thatโ€™s it!

@Naman @RahulDeshpande Same think happened right now, I was now spending time to make the watchlist for tomorrow, and while I was adding stock, The tradingview terminal abruptly logged out while I was using it and then asked me to login again and when I did, Most stocks were gone, What is this?
this platform is not reliable nor stable, I guess Iโ€™ll keep dhan aside for months until you guys fix it, and go back to zerodha and fyers.