API Access for algo trading

Will there be api access available?

Hey Saurabh,

Dhan community members will be the first ones to know when we enable API access :slight_smile:

@shraddha /Team

Do we have any update when the Dhan API will be available for trading

Hi @anilmm2005 @Saurabh
We are almost ready with our static APIs.
Please mail at api@dhan.co , with purpose and APIs requirements. We will be happy to help you.

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Thanks for the update. I have send the email as requested.

Hi @anilmm2005 ,

We are happy to announce that we have launched DhanHQ: Superfast Trading & Investing APIs. You were one of our earlier members who had requested for API access and we are sure that you will be loving our Superfast API experience. And for Dhan’s users it’s totally FREE!

Learn more about DhanHQ Superfast Trading & Investing API here.

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Dear @anilmm2005 ,

Were you able to complete the API and able to place orders? can this API be able to place orders from trading view…

can u plz help me with the procedure to place orders from trading view.

Pavan 9740281055

Hi @Pavan
I don’t have access to API yet. As far as I know trading view integration with API code is not yet available.

Hope it helps

Last two days I am very much struggle with Dhan team for enabling API & access (through algoji), from algoji saying some issue with Dhan.
Still waiting solution from Dhan/algoji , required information forwarded to customer care.

Hi @ann

Though the integration with algoji is still in beta phase with limited access, we have done soft launch and granting access on requests. We have already granted access to you for API Bridge.
The query you raised with our CS team is acknowledged and we are working around the issue you are facing while login and in constant touch with algoji team.