ASM/GSM list stocks

I started investing on dhan from today, and my first experience is amazing with dhan
1)My request to dhan is that how can we know about that the stock is in ASM/GSM list.
Please provide a symbol or a badge for those stock who are in this list.
2)And also add separate section for record date, financial results, dividend record date,stocks split, apart from news section.
3)Please provide direct mutual fund for one stop solution
Thanks to make this amazing app.

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Hi @MeetKumar

Welcome to Dhan and also to this community.

#1 Dhan’s systems are real-time, so anytime a stock goes in ASM / GSM list, depending on the risk management rules at that moment - you will be alerted of that when an order is placed.

#2 Acknowledged, we have this feedback from few users already. You may see something awesome for this, soon.

#3 Acknowledged, many users have asked us to include Mutual Funds on Dhan.

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Thank you very much sir for your kind reply.
I am exited for new dhan features.