Basket Order - Feature Request

wish to have the basket order window have the below options to help traders in options.

Clear All : to remove all the items in the Basket
Strike change: 100 for BNF and 50 for Nifty and EQ option can be mentioned there. i am sure there are ways to default this option
Move one strike UP: for all the items in the Basket all the items will be modified with the new strike upwards and similarly for the downwards. i am sure you may set the price to 0 with market order type keeping the qty unchanged. so user will be left with only price to change.

this will save a lot of time . particularly for the scalpers like me

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Hi @Shylaja ,

Welcome to the Dhan community! Looking forward to your contribution here.

Thanks for all your suggestions and feedback. Having an ‘Clear the Basket’ option which removes all the scrips in the basket in one go, makes a lot of sense. We will surely ponder over this. I have noted all your other suggestions as well, and we will surely evaluate if we can include it.

This was the first version of Basket Orders, and it is going to get better incrementally.