Basket Orders Not Placed in Full

Happened to experience today that my complete basket was not executed in full. Out of 10 scripts in the basket only 9 was being placed and missing 1. I have maintained 2X capital through out the day and the 1 which is not placed is not visible in failed orders also.

Plz refer attached screenshot of basket vs executed orders ( 315 PM vs Basket screenshot) also exit of 317PM & 306 PM can be compared against the same. there were no manual intervention to exit the trade. all was done by webhook.

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Hi @Shylaja

If an order doesn’t go through, the reason is mentioned in the Orders tab, along with the status.

We have noted your case details and will connect with you tomorrow to address your query. We recommend to delete any screenshots that have your personal or trade details from the community.

Dhan Customer Support

Dear Team,

Thanks for the revert. hope you will find the issue since the rest of the legs in the basket went through apart from one leg. and the leg’s details were not found in the orders tab nor in the failed tab. there were no information about that leg any where in the app.

Hi @Shylaja,

Our team reviewed this specific case and have made updates to make the Basket order flow seamless. Thanks for highlighting this.

Dhan Customer Support