**BIND** the **Parent Index** with **underlying Slave instrument** - Feature Request

Dear Dhan Team,
International discount Brokers like Robinhood and few others have these or similar features for trading where you can BIND the Parent Index with underlying Slave instrument for trading.

Trader punch an order on index levels and the order get executed on the BINDed instrument.

User can BIND index with any Option Strike price of his choice.

So for Example - BIND Nifty 50 Index with NIFTY 06 APR 17200 CALL Option strike

If NIFTY 50 index is trading at 17356 and I have placed a limit order for NIFTY 17350 then the BIND’ed NIFTY 06 APR 17200 CALL Option strike will execute when NIFTY 50 index reach at 17350.

Same with SL and Target execution as defined on Parent Index.

I have designed a contextual menu for reference pls go through the attached image.

This will be a great feature addition.

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Very useful feature if possible please arrange it

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Hi @RajeshK

Thank you for taking time to write down your feedback. We will surely explore the possibilities to add “Parent Index” for enhancing your product experience. :slight_smile:

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