Bug: Today's Positions P&L

Hi Team Dhan,

I found a bug in our trading view platform; today’s positions P&L tab is showing incorrect numbers. Below is a comparison between our Web and TradingView platforms. Please ask the technical team to fix this issue as the P&L numbers leading to confusion.

Also, could you explain what the “Today’s High” and “Today’s Low” numbers mean in web.dhan.co image below? I am pretty sure that these numbers are not the high and low of my today’s P&L. Not sure exactly what these high and low number’s purpose/meaning is.




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To add more, these numbers are also not consistent across the devices, it will be different on mobile and desktop. Now sure, why this inconsistency is not been factored in while developing this feature.

May be @PravinJ can explain.

@ravi_krishna I observed that these numbers are high and low for latest open position / closed position and not all the positions. I may be wrong though.

Hi @ravi_krishna,

We are having this checked and will update you on your registered mail id.