Bugs and suggestion for Dhan Web

Bugs in Dhan Web

  1. In the indices-in-depth section sorting doesn’t work.

  1. In dark mode you cannot see your phone, email, client id in profile section on dhan web. Steps to replicate go in profile and change the mode to dark go on home refresh the page. and then go in profile. the above mentioned things will be hidden under dark mode layer. Temp Sol switch to light and then dark again. However it will not fix it completely.

  2. If I’ve multiple tabs open and I’m not using dhan tab and come after let say 1-2 hour it require complete refresh, However in Kite only switching from holding to dashboard will kick in the engine no refresh is required. It seems like it need optimization.

  3. This one is a feedback about product, There should be a way to add more than 10-20 or 50 scripts in a watch list using excel or some kind of out of box feature.

Regards, Sahil

Hi @Sahil ,

Welcome to the Dhan community :smiley:

Firstly, thanks for taking out your time and writing detailed feedback. Your efforts in providing suggestions really help us to provide best of the trading experience to the users. Coming to your queries:

  • Thanks for highlighting, will get this checked.

  • I replicated the methods mentioned by you, and was still not able to produce the issue. Request you to please clear cache, and try to replicate it again. If the issue still persists, request you to record it, and mail it to help@dhan.co, and will get it checked rightaway.

  • We are constantly revamping and optimizing web.dhan.co’s performance. Having said that, while optimizing & building any feature/product a user’s security & privacy is at the forefront during our product building capacity.

Kepe sharing your feedback & contributing to the Dhan community :rocket: :rocket:

I don’t have any screen recording software. I’ve noticed this issue in mac SAFARI Browser. I can show you in zoom call or google meet.

Regards, Sahil

Hi @Sahil,

Were you still able to replicate it? If yes, we can get on google meet/zoom.

Please DM me your email id, and I will send you the meeting links.

Yes, I’m able to replicate. How to DM in this platform? joined yesterday only clicked on your name But there was no option to Dm.

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Reaching out to you on DM.