Buyback of shares

I sit possible to apply for share buyback on DHAN currently. if yes how?

Hi @nitesh, currently it is not possible to buyback shares from the Dhan platform. However, we have noted your request and will incorporate it in our product roadmap.

How do I apply for TCS buyback? Any other option ?

Offmarket transfer shares to Zerodha & tender shares in buyback there

I do not have a zerodha account. I hope there must be some direct way as well.

There is an offline process of printing out the buyback form that you received on email and mail it directly

@DrAesthetic - Detailed process here Apply for TCS Buyback of Shares, here is how you can do it

@nitesh @NitishMidha @DrAesthetic Now you can tender your shares for Buyback though Dhan. It was launched long time before.