Can we have refresh button at margin

Can we have refresh button at margin every time need to close and reopen for new margin.

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Hi @Hemanthcj , welcome to the Dhan community.

Is there an instance you have seen where there is a lag. We monitor this closely and this order placement window gets opened thousands of time in a day and it works well.

If you feel its lagging I can have our team connect with you and observe the behaviour. We can add a refresh button, but then we have designed things in a way where it’s not required, we don’t add.

Thank you for the update, I don’t see any issue, but some time it required for scalping trading based on margine we can adjust the quantity insted of remembering fund available, so requested that option, no issue if it is designed such a way.

Got it @Hemanthcj. If there are performance issues that we identify and it needs a button to refresh as we scale up, we will really add the refresh button ourself.

I know this may feel odd to use because everyone else out there is putting a refresh button every time margin is displayed, but we wanted to save the user even that single tap on refresh. Across the app, everywhere Dhan shows margins, including the baskets, pledge and other interfaces - we have been able to deliver same performance without a manual refresh and again all in real-time.

You will get used to this in few days on Dhan :slight_smile:

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