Can you remove this panel above chart?

I just don’t get what’s the purpose of having this panel above the chart Window,
It would look better if Charts occupy the whole right section of the screen,
besides that the Info on it is already shown on the charts itself, all the data of OHLC and the symbol name too, only there are two buttons on it which can be shifted else where,
The chart window looks very small and compressed too.

Now some people may prefer it, so the best solution would be give us the ability to enable and disable that window, because personally I think it’s a design flaw and I don’t prefer it, and most traders want to look at charts anyway and the information on it is already on charts,
Please consider this.


Please consider this @Naman @PravinJ @RahulDeshpande

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Zerodha’s Kite did a much better job, and I honestly prefer this and many would, we want to clearly see charts

Hi @Yash0301 ,

Thanks for your suggestion on the panel placement, will surely explore on how we can improve this experience.

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any updates on it? @PravinJ @Naman @Dhan_Help @RahulDeshpande

Hey man, there is nothing wrong in the current layout. If it’s not broken, why fix it!

Anyway, we all switch out from Zerodha because Dhan is much better in terms of platform, speed of implementation and client response.

So, we surely don’t want going back what Zerodha offered. We are going to make a quantum leap.

Hey dhan, your instant order placement window is great. Keep up the good work.

Love and respect

New client.

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Of course there’s something wrong with it, the charts looks very small and compressed, and i think you need to reread my post again, i said that some people will prefer it so dhan should give us an option to disable/enable it if we want to, instead of completely getting rid of it, and other users here also shared the same suggestion before.

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