[Collateral Margin] on Shares, Mutual funds, NIFTY BEES , Liquid BEES

Hi @PravinJ

Please let know when PLEDGE MARGIN would be coming in on DHAN

  1. Pledge on Equity shares
  2. Pledge margin on NIFTY BEES / Liquid BEES / Mutual funds

Reason being some of my friends are ready to move to DHAN, but most of them feel Pledge is very much necessary for a margin cushion when trading in large quantities.

Hi @pavz,

Thanks for your request, we are already evaluating the Pledge Margin feature as we have received requests from a lot of our users. I will surely update you once we release it.

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Before Pledge can someone transfer their holding from another broker to Dhan. If not then u need to work on priority basis about transfer of holding, including all types of investments including Mutual Funds.

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Yes @amitwaskar
we have noted your feedback, We have added share transfer to our 1st priority list, whereas Mutual fund we have added this to our product roadmap and keep you posted when we ship this. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am also waiting. Keep minimal/competitive charges for pledge/unpledge. Also share haircut percentage for each instruments. Few broker consider cash and non-cash part, even debt instruments like Bharath bonds are considered as non-cash part, so trader ends up to get less margin. Please work on this.

This is one of the major block for me. Soo I just opened an account and decided not to trade till I get all feature needed.

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Yes completely valid points , DHAN has to do something for this Pledge MARGIN issue which no broker has done before, this would be a differentiating factor also. :pray: :v:

There’s nothing special which Dhan can offer in terms of haircut ,securities available and category (Cash/Non-cash). NSE decides it and the stock brokers have to abide by it.

The only thing which Dhan can differentiate is pricing and experience here in pledging . Also, cash: non-cash percent 50:50 is also mandated by the SEBI for positional strategies.

Hi @dhantrade @pavz @donisback,

We appreciate your eagerness to know about it. We have something exciting coming up soon for all of you. Stay tuned! :smile:

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Hi @amitwaskar,

We have published a detailed note on share transfer here.

Do let us know your experience. :slight_smile: