Colleterial securities accepted by dhan

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande
i want to know the dhan whatever will be pledged and need to know the haircut ,
can you share the file then its will be very usefull for us

then i need to transfer securities from zerodha to dhan , can you please help in this matter , nd whatever the charges include

Any one can reply , please share the excel file

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Hi riyas, i did some recently, you will get to know only when u are about to Pledge in case of stocks, as it varies . there is no excel file as of now , me too waiting

Hi @riyas2831

We have this built-in internally in the product flow. Can you share lis of securities you are looking for this information for, we will share the applicability and haircut. We are on

Thank you.

@PravinJ sir if we need to do intraday i need to maintain 50:50 cash ratio -

i ned to know bharath bond etf haircut


Last time I had similar ask. Finally, I had to go to Customer Support, Finance and then a telephonic call to get this done.

At the end, I also provided feedback to have a community post on this subject with URL of public XLS listing all important notes clearly with example. But, today finding another person in the community asking for same information.

In summary, no steps taken on feedback and turnaround time remains same for the end customer.

Hi @amit

Yes, we have made a note on this and will introduce something on this lines. We like to build flows that are deeply integrated in product experience, which is what Dhan experience is all about.

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Hi I have tried to pledge my holding in dhan. All the scripts having 20% as the haircut.

I have liquid bees, for the liquid bees exchange mentioned only 10% haircut but dhan cutting 20% for this.

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Yes, I was also shocked the first day, :sweat_smile:

I had to explain and luckily it worked out, its now 10%. You can give a try.

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Thanks. I will check with customer support team.

@amit yesterday i also tried to pledge every securities 20% above , see in zerodha i am holding 1 cr rupees the same i pledge the haircut in zerodha maximum 12% only in ETF and mutual fund ; all bluechip stock are 8 to 12% only

in DHAN i buy some shares its haircut minimum 20% , i will not here in DHAN anymore , this is fraud by dhan, NSE is giving colleterial , DHAN is not giving , then why dhan is taking more haircut , these people keeping some money for prop trading i think - irrespective DHAN , i already post in Zerodha community , no one will not come in dhan

Zerodha success is only a honest with client - Dhan will never come to near zerodha -
there is nothing different between zerodha and dhan every body 20 ruopees

@PravinJ keep your haircut with you itself

Hey @riyas2831

We launched pledge just few days back… will update this risk policy accordingly We take feedback from users and build experience on Dhan based on that.

We operate super transparently here. No post on Dhan community, no matter how negative or critic is ever deleted from here.

You will see a new update on this soon. Its just 5 month that Dhan is live for users, and we are building a better experience much faster than anyone.


@PravinJ let see your words as honest - i will not sell my holding in dhan whatever i purchase , if you bring pledging haircut like zerodha minimal haircut - then i will rethink dhan is my trading terminal

@amit Liquidbees ETF is worst etf , in DHAN is ok , because there is no mutual fund pledging in dhan , in liquidbees evey month they will deduct tax from primary NAV after every thing (-) 2.5% hardly we can get

in Zerodha moneymarket fund i pledged for cash component - its giving 5 % this year its will compond there itself we dont want to repledge again and again in the case of liquid bees

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@riyas2831 , thanks for the information!

Will try to learn more on this.


Also @amit @riyas2831 @imani45 : we will share revised update on this today.

Additionally, Dhan possibly is only stock trading platform in country that allows Pledge Margin benefit that you get - to be utilised for trading against all segments and exchanges - this includes Option Buying / Selling, Futures, Cash, Commodities, Currencies and across all exchanges. Many of the best brokers in country, will not extend this.

Additionally, Pledged stocks are visible in portfolio and unpledge is inline while selling. No need to unpledge and them sell.

We will write about this sometime.



This will be something unique offering from Dhan if collateral is allowed to buy options.


Looking forward!

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@PravinJ Oh fast reply and action - really dhan is listening the clients needs - really i appreciate this


Debt MF like Liquid or MMF pledging is a must for proper margin management.
Just choose Direct - Growth and leave it there.
Actual Cash should be priority only for MTM.

It already is, and many users are using this.