Combined premium chart

HI!! Is there a way to get different strike prices combined premium chart in Dhan or in trading view Dhan.


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Hi @amk20000,

We have Strategy Charts on the Options Trader’s web, that show the line chart of the strategy you create. This is calculated based on simple addition & subtraction of the premium of each option contract in the strategy. Along with the strategy chart, you can also see the line chart of the underlying. Here is the detailed post:

Its different from what I asked. Also, if we create a basket using strategy builder and save it for later, there is no option to open it again in strategy builder. Can we look at an option where we can view the created baskets in strategy builder

also can we have an option of looking at the payoff chart for positions we have already taken

Hi @amk20000,

Saving strategies and payoff chart for existing positions are on our to-do list for the next version of the options trader web.

For combined premium for multiple strike prices, we have noted and will check for feasibility.