Commodity Market Depth - Update issue

Hi @Dhan_Help

As you see I placed a limit buy order at 2.30. But it is not reflected in the market depth. It gets updated only on a browser refresh.

Hi @t7support,

Can you advise if there was a trigger price as well? The order is sent to exchange once the trigger price is reached and hence it will not show in market depth.

Jay K.

This was a simple limit order. No trigger price involved.

Can you please share step-wise details on, so we can have this checked.

Jay K.

This is simple. Open the market depth window. Place an order. See whether it gets updated on the market depth or not.

I checked last two days. It gets updated now. Don’t know what happened last time. Anyway will post if I find anything in future.

This issue still persists. Please fix.