Confuse how to sell


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Hey @Satyam ,

You are seeing an error because it seems like you have bought the scrip using the investing tab and are trying to sell it from the MTF tab . Please sell it using investing as the mode.

Product @ Dhan

I wasn’t selling it from MTF tab. It got some bug (see the pic) it’s struck at MTF and not giving options to change to order tabs.

Also why does it fail in tv.dhan(there option for MTF isn’t available)

Bro! I joined Dhan in Feb 2022, so been a year. From my experience, I can tell that this platform is not reliable at all. I have explored almost all the features it provides and every feature got at least one bug. And not just minor ones, these risk your hard-earned money (Yes I was about to lose some thousands just because of their bugs).

I thought that Dhan works on adding new features and increasing reliability of the current ones. But it hit me by surprise when I saw their UI change in their app. It was not even any functional requirement, they did just the visual changes. Like why would you put your engineering manpower to visual changes in app when you got better stuff to work on. SMH!

When I tried getting proactive on this community channel and started talking about the issues in the app and new critical feature requirements, they stopped responding to me. :melting_face: And they barely come up with correct answers.

Hard but true fact I realized that you would feel much happier if you switch back to Zerodha. I switched back to Zerodha last month and it has been one peaceful month. I will open Dhan a few months later to see if they are getting any reliable but until then I am not putting my money into some experimental beta version.

That was my experience and opinion, but decision is of course yours!