Connection with Smallcase or Similar Feature

I recently come across and I liked it very much as I do not have the expertise and time for portfolio management. I found, Dhan already has something similar called basket but I have the following question/feature request.

1.1 Does the Dhan basket give a rebalancing recommendation?
1.2 Does a particular Dhan basket stocks changes with time and if it changes does the subscriber gets notified?
2. It will be nice if Dhan allows connecting with

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Hi @gmatesunny ,
No the basket won’t give a rebalancing recommendation and neither will any stocks ever change from the Dhan baskets.
We have provided Dhan baskets just for reference, and to make users understand how to build baskets of their own. It’s purely for representative purposes and should not be considered as investment recommendation or suggestion.

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Hi @gmatesunny

Smallcase is now available on Dhan with a seamless investing experience. Read more on this here: Now Live: Smallcase. Invest in ideas via smallcase on Dhan. For FREE, and with a seamless experience