Contract Note - help needed to read the total charges

Hi team,
Please explain how to read the contract note in the below example
Pls let know what this the total charges inclusive of tax

why dhan doesnt provide separate row for only brokerage charges excluding taxes and all?

Hi @nickpats

Contract notes are designed as per regulations, brokers cant change much to it. Which is why you will see they are similar for almost everyone. Brokerage per transaction / trade wise is in the contract note itself, against all trades.

For every transaction on Dhan, on order window itself there is brokerage estimator - where user can see it all before placing any order.

Hi Pravin. In your contract notes, it states that taxable value of supply includes brokerage and exchange transaction charges. My question to is simple and straight, why cant you provide separate row for only brokerage charges as it will being transparency

Hey @nickpats, stock brokers have to follow the format defined by exchanges, in this case NSE. Exchanges define what goes in the contract format, for your reference here is the format below.

If the format changes, we will be happy to add.