Custom Time Persion Selection not working

On Dhan Web interface, under my Profile, if we go to Statements & Reports, then “Custom Time Period” selection is not working. It is not allowing us to choose custom dates.

Please look into it.

This is noted @dabas, thanks for sharing.

The Custom Period Selection (for Ledger Statement) on Web Interface is still not working. You can not select your desired dates for statement.

No solution in sight…

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Hi @dabas,

I tried doing this - while it does allow me to select a custom date range, it is not allowing me to select a time period greater than 30 days. Is that what you are referring to?

Kindly explain and we’ll ensure this gets fixed right away.

We can not change the custom date (Marked in Red Circle) we can not modify these dates as per our choice.

This issue is on DHAN Web Interface only.

Whereas on DHAN Mobile App it is working fine.

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Hi @dabas,

This seems odd. I am able to select any date range that I want. You should be able to click on the dates you marked in red and that should open up a dialog box to choose your preferred date.

If the issue persists, can we get on a video call to understand more?

Additionally, if you require the statement urgently, kindly let me know your preferred dates and I’ll send it over to your registered email.

I’m available at :slight_smile: