Data fetching in excel

I just need few thing
Historical data: yesterday close, open, high and low
and todays open price, high and low and live price thats it
plz if you can provide it that will be big help for me and also your live market terminal is awesome feature just love it feeling like platform is really build for super traders but just add vwap and daily pivots fibonacci there and rather than tracking all stock lets us track our watchlist only because we cant trade in 100 stocks practically ya but dont remove feature just allow us to use it with selected stocks as well.
Thank you for building such an awesome platform.

Hi @omkar ,

Thanks for your kind words. We are glad that your are enjoying the Dhan experience.

I am sorry I didn’t get, on which particular screen you would like to have the historical data be mentioned. Request you to please elaborate.

In technical section of the stock

I mean fibonacci levels provide here are using which pivot trime frame daily weekly or anything else because on tradingview platform support and resistance levels provided are different from levels provided by technical scanner in dhan.
And regading historical data i just need it to calculate pivots one day before and set price alerts nothing more

pivot values on tradingview

Again this resistance and support breakouts are base on pivot values in technical section of the stock right
And in this section can u add vwap and ema
Well and the feature i am talking about is something like smart api i saw it on youtube using it you can fetch live data from market in excel and then you can set conditions on it
And never seen alert regarding support and resistance breakout in live market scanner using it for two days

It seems your chart is using Heikin Ashi candles which will have different OHLC than standard and may be so there is mismatch.

Try out without Heikin Ashi candles.

nope pivots are calculated using previous day high low and close values are changing though when i switch candle type but still there is huge difference in both values