Detailed Feedback, Features request and suggestions for dhan

It’s been almost 3 months since I moved to dhan and im already seeing many improvements but still there is a long way to go now, here are some quality suggestions and feedback that you should definitely take note of (I’m saying this is becuase i feel my previous posts were neglected since its been months and still you havent worked on those things which are important priority wise like working on alerts).

  1. Dhan Live:

Dhan live is very powerful and so far I loved it, today I was able to spot several opportunities which I would not have found otherwise, i was able to quickly place order and capitalize on the opportunities, i think with the introduction of dhan live you will also benefit since this will increase overall trading and thus will also increase your revenue,
Now i would like to see some changes, as i said in my previous post, add a scanner which notifies us of stocks which are nearing their 52 week high and low but also keep the exisiting 52 week breakout scanner, don’t remove it.

You can also add “Up/Down on heavy volume”

I know having lots of scanner may slow down the platform, I’m happy with the existing scans but would like to see atleast stocks nearning 52 week high/low added.

  1. I think there should be a PC platform, in my previous post i said how i would like to see dhan make their own in house flagship desktop application which will be a game changer, and destroy all the competition, a software like Thinkorswim by TD ameritrade, but as they say “Good things take time” . I would suggest to partner with exisiting terminal providers and consider bringing a desktop terminal, so far im impressed with “Dart Stock” which is offered by many brokers including fyers, it is fast, well built and also has many in-built features like live scanners just like dhan live and many tools like heat map, market breadth, advance decline, earnings calenders and live feeds of news and announcements, and powerful EOD reports, this is also the reason why I’m still staying on fyers, But I would love to see such a terminal provided by dhan, and you should also know this that people with large capital prefer desktop terminals. (Consider partnering with Dart stocks)

  2. I know you dont like it when we mention zerodha but they have a very neat and integral feature which is missing from dhan, you see whenever there is an significant event within a company which we are tracking and viewing in watchlist or info panel, it is highlighted, in watchlist if we have a stock/company which lets say is going to post its earnings today, it will be highlighted, we would find “event” written next to the symbol, this helps us to make informed decisions and stay up to date as to what is happening in a company.

  3. If I open the “Fundamentals” page of any stock in zerodha they have a neatly written short description of what the company does, this is missing from dhan’s fundamentals page and should be added.

5)Under the Ipos section (ipos which has already been listened) why can’t we see the buttons of buy and sell and charts as we see when we hover the cursor over watchlist stocks? This should be added so we can quickly open the charts and analyze recent ipo stocks (I like to hunt for stocks which form a technical pattern called IPO base Breakout).

  1. Do you plan on introducing an event calender?
    An event calender should show all the significant economic aswell as company related events, this could be an industry first feature which you shouldn’t neglect, lots of traders trade stocks based on earnings, so if we can see the upcoming earnings schdule for stocks we would be better able to capitalize on it.

  2. In dhan live section or in something else you can also introduce fundamental based scanners like jump in profit or earnings, you see if a stock posts a great earnings and profits increase of like 100% or so the stock jumps and takes off, and majority of traders hunt for such stocks is there a way for dhan to do this work for us and make it simple, mamy traders trade like this and this feature would really make people to come to dhan.

  3. Dhan also lacks “Technical meter” which other brokers provide, it gives a technical rating to a stock based on technical indicators and also tells us things like trend and direction which is likely to be follwed by stocks.

  4. Provide us trade journals, I know many others have also requested this but i would suggest you to consult me if youre working on developing it, i would be able to guide you very well, the journal should also have analytical data like average gain/avergae loss, drawdown and other stuff.
    Allow us to tag and then also give us tools to analyze the trades based on tags.

  5. Introduce web notifications for alerts and can you also add the functionality to automatically create an order when an alert is hit?

(End of part 1, I will post a part 2 of this post, i don’t want to make a very lengthy post.)

Please bring these things, let us raise the bar of how a trading platform should be, let us show the competitors who’s the boss in this industry.
@PravinJ @Naman @RahulDeshpande

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Thanks @Yash0301 for the detailed note. Feedback acknowledged and appreciated.

When we start shipping features, it’s just a start. Everything that we ship, is getting built incrementally and there is lot more to come + most of it comes from user feedback and suggestions like what you have provided. You are now regular here, so you know :raised_hands:

While we try our best to do things fast, its trading systems and also very complex. We want to ensure we roll them out seamlessly, and do a small a iteration first and observe reaction of users and usage before they are available for all.

Ps: Not that I don’t like mention of Zerodha :), I admire what Nithin and team has built over years.

We are just getting started and there is so much to do in India for investing & trading products, our current roadmap stretches to 18-24 months. So you will see Dhan becoming better everyday and your suggestions too getting implemented, we are tech and product folks and love to build and solve for these problems :slight_smile:

  1. The overall portfolio should give us a consol view of stock/ETFs etc rather than a split view of Stocks/ETFs so that it becomes easier for us to view everything together and then we can use the tabs stocks/ETFs etc

  2. There is a min requirement of 9 stocks on the app to enable insights but what if someone has a very concentrated portfolio of 2-3 stocks. I’d request the team to remove the min requirement cap