Dhan Charting Issue and number of trades

This is the chart of Nazara Tech from Trading View, Another broker & “DHAN”

The price of Nazara was below 670 as per the first 5 mins candle of TV and other brokers, but this did not reach as per Dhan. I had my alert set on Dhan and that did not go off so my entry was missed.

I use dhan every day and it is seamless to trade but such issues really need a quick fix.

Also in the Trader’s book the number of trades shown are random. It shows me that I have take 65 trades sometimes. Hope the brokerage Is not deducted according to that


Hi @Devil,

This shouldn’t have happened, kindly drop us an email at help@dhan.co we will have this checked.

@Poornima - Had already sent out an email regarding number of trades there, no response there, hence chose this public platform.

Even i am experiencing this price difference issue for banknifty

@PravinJ expecting some helpful response here

Hi @Devil

We are unable to find your details, request you to DM us your registered email or mobile number so we can connect you over the call to address your concern.

Hi @nickpats

Request you to drop us an email at help@dhan.co so we can have this checked.