Dhan is really Lightning Fast ⚡ - Feedback and Improvements

Hello @PravinJ and team, first of all, I feel very happy for bringing amazing tech product to the market. So far, I’ve been traded with many brokers and they are not good at taking user feedback and I don’t see any improvements in their platforms consistently. Thanks for making the Dhan a customer-centric company.

I’ve compiled some things for you and hope you will get it noted.

1. Watchlist

Instead of displaying an instrument NAME display the SYMBOL name - Tradingview

2. Options

Option chain: it’s taking more time to navigate to option chain data.

  • Providing an option chain button on every scrip detail page with a slight adjustment of BUY and SELL button width will help.

  • Add “Options Premium” in the Margin summary section.

  • Adding the strikes to the basket from the option chain.

3. Chart Data

*As I see, you’re only providing limited intraday historic chart data for less than 4H timeframes. Adding more historic intraday data will help small traders for backtesting.

  • Provide continuous future contract data

4. Integrations

Collaborate with sensibull and Quiklo platforms.

5. 2FA integration with authenticator (Google/Authty) for more security. As of now, you’re providing only pin-based 2FA.

6. Lite Mode
For many of the traders when trading on volatile days displaying more options in a mobile app make them confused. It would be great if you implement “Lite mode” with only a few options in Dhan mobile app. So, the user can opt for “Lite mode” and “Advanced mode” from the same app.

I can understand that, you’ve done a lot of work in a very short time.

I :heart: Dhan


Hi @Siddharth,

Firstly thanks for the amazing notes and also tons of feedback you have provided here. It feels great, saying this on behalf of Dhan team - that our users appreciate what little things we are doing and also help us build Dhan together, we are simply giving users what they ask for.

Let me share comments on your notes

1. Watchlist:
Yes, this is something we will have to think about. Few users did mention that they the limited space available on TradingView console makes names unreadable, rather the are cut. We are shipping an update here where you can see more characters in the name, should be up anytime. On SYMBOL names, we have written our own scrip master, so will really have to check this bit in depth.

2. Options
This is well noted, and very valid feedback as well. I am discussing this with @Naman tomorrow itself.

3. Chart Data
At this moment we have chart data for all periods from Aug 21, this is from when we opened up the product. Will check if we can source this and make available for traders. 1 Day data is available for a very long period.

Point on Contimous Future Contract Data is valid. Infact if you are a futures trader, we are doing some experiments internally, if we are able to productise them and ship it, some industry first features you can expect from us. Again, let me not confirm, as they are still in idea / experiment stages.

4. Integrations
We reached out to a few platforms for integrations, I feel they are reluctant to work with us, most likely because we are too new and very small. Hope things change and they see us differently. That aside, our APIs will soon be available for anyone to integrate.

5. 2FA Integrations
Point noted, we spoke to users who liked it simple and easy + at same time adhering to expected regulations and security standards.

6. Lite Mode
This is interesting, and the first we heard. We have plans to make a lite version of product, we have spoken about it recently, but that is for investors. For traders, we noticed different trading users have different data points or decision points to go for. Maybe with time we will understand some of these patterns and that will help us decide better.

Once again, thanks so much for the time take to share this. Really appreciate, on a weekend. there is lot more to come from us.

Best Regards,


Hi @Siddharth
Thanks for your request. We are live with the ‘Option Chain’ icon on the company page, exactly where you requested. Here is the screenshot for your reference-

Please continue writing and give us more insights. Happy trading


Great, thank you.

Best regards,

@Naman I see the icon only for stocks. Kindly, add the same to the index, index futures, and stock futures too.

Thanks again,


It is available for only those index where options are available. We will do for Futures as well.

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Awesome , waiting for it

Could you please add the same button somewhere here under Options too .

Also please have a relook at the IV (INDIAVIX) button requested under options.
(Now opening another tab in Tradeview only for this feature)

Sure @pavz . Your request is noted

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Just a small request. Is there any way we can see the Pivot levels and CPR levels for next day using current day data. Would really help in the analysis and pre planning intraday trades. Thank you.

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This is already in our notes. We will let you know as and when we are ready with this.

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Fyers option chain access is very handy.
Just right click anywhere on chart & you can find it on menu…

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