Dhan Please Work on your Back office

Dhan’s aim is to target traders who already knows a thing or two about trading, basically professional traders or “Super Traders” as they like to call. But your back office is certainly not up to that level for such traders, It’s very basic and it feels that the developers are neglecting that aspect of their platform. There is no PnL report generating option, we pro traders need it, professional traders frequently need to monitor and analyze their performance which is required for journaling purposes.
Take a look at Zerodha’s console, and see how it’s done.
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Hi @Yash0301, thanks for your feedback on TradingView and other features as well. One specific issue you highlighted about Watchlist out of sync, we are not able to replicate this at our end or for any other user. That is why there is a delay, team also requested if they can get on a call with you and isolate this and close.

On this particular ask, our approach is bit different and we building things grounds up. We prefer to build a integrated experience on Dhan v/s the old legacy systems where back-office, front-office, and other systems for example, kyc and all are disconnected with each other. We want to build a consumer centric approach, having said we understand some of these features are important and we are prioritising these as well.

We just launched few weeks back and are launching products & features fast to match and also better the experience as well as expectations of power users like you.


Totally understandable, I am simply letting the team know the bugs I encounter so that they can fix it, I completely understand that you are new start up, I am not demanding and neither expecting the issues to be fixed instantly, I am simply making a library of posts which report on bugs that I stumbled upon so the team can have a list of bugs to work on, take your time. I have said to get certain bugs fixed quickly because they were integral and needed.

Now concerning the watchlist issue I have already updated days ago that the watchlists are now working fine, but day before Yesterday I encountered another bug, where the tradingview isn’t saving my watchlist completely, and the team requested me to get on a call, (and I’m down for it) but I already and perfectly described in the post itself as to what happened,
Here is what we can do, the team can get on call with me and I will stream my screen and do the same analysis stuff that I did when I encountered the bug, so they can see in real time what is happening, or I can record my screen and then send it to you. Both can work.

Totally got the back office related experince Dhan is trying to build its good.

But what I feel is there is already a gush of New age brokers doing all this already - GROWW, Finity , FYERS (may be more which I am not sure)

The only thing they are lacking is F & O segment updations in terms of margin / easy of use, stability of platform.

I somehow feel Dhan still concentrating on Equity rather than the Super traders (F&O segment)

Kindly prioritize Options segment first :pray:

Issue like this AVG price in Commodity silver Blank

May be a separate team with a Sprint just to fix the UAT BUGS ( talk to me (Scrum Master) if need any help :slightly_smiling_face: @Yash0301 has given a bunch of valid high priority bugs/ enhancements . i guess this should be taken first rather than Dashboard

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Thanks @pavz. Feedback from you and @Yash0301 is acknowledged helps us build better.

For option traders, there are crazy good products lined up, can’t wait to bring them up. While we can be excited about this, it is more important to have stable and reliable trading systems. We want to ensure right balance of both and provide a consistent experience to our users on Dhan.

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Hi @Yash0301, thank for this. I will request @Naman & @RahulDeshpande to schedule a call with you along with our engineering team members.

We had some device & user specific issues earlier as well, we are able to solve them and I am hoping we will be able to resolve this as well.

Thanks :pray: Honestly i have been through Religare → Zerodha-> Fyers-> DHAN

The amount of Stability in Dhan for just 3 months of usage is incredible .

Just waiting eagerly for the Option features to roll out :v:

Many of my friends are ok to switch-> but I am still not able to give that one Jhakkas feature in Dhan for them to think over. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lets do it ! :handshake:

Hi @Yash0301

Thanks for the call. We got to understand the issue in detail. Our team is debugging and will fix it.
Keep writing to us. Thanks Again

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When can I expect the issue to be resolved, Do update me on it as currently I’m using a different platform to analyze and make watchlists, but I would like to return back to dhan,
so if your team has fixed it do notify me about it.
@Naman @PravinJ