Dhan Statements - FnO Turnover Report

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As you might be aware, all FnO transaction comes under STCG and it requires to be audited depending on total turnover. How turnover shall be calculated for FnO is explained here in detail

Everything an FandO trader should know about return filing

Unnecessary auditing of transactions would add into the hefty charges to FnO trader which must be avoided if the necessary relevant report is provided by the broker.

When can we expect such FnO Turnover report?



This is very much required. Please see how Zerodha is doing it in a very seamless process where the turnover is calculated as per Income Tax Act.
The report has all the required details is required as per IT Act.

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Thanks for sharing this @amit, while we have just shipped the first version of statements & reports on Dhan, we will keep improving it to give you a seamless experience.

Is this turnover report available now?
and how about proper P&L & capital gains reports, are those available to fetch?

what i am currently getting in reports & statement section is just plain trades, Dhan is not at all clubbing those day wise or Profit/loss wise?
am I missing something then please guide…

@Chanchal please DM your UCC, ill send you the reports over e-mail.