Dhan Trading View Chart layout having issues

Hello Dhan Team,

I have come across one issue which is the chart layout, below are my observations.

when I am doing log in to the Dhan trading view charting platform for the first time it will by default load the reliance chart even if my saved chart layout contains a different instrument this is not the case with the original trading view platform.

Please refer to the below-attached screenshot which clearly indicates that my chart layout saved instrument is a nifty bank but the chart was loaded with reliance this only happens when I will do the login into the Dhan platform for the first time.

Waiting for the response from your side.

Thanks & Regards,
Mayuri Modi.

@PravinJ @Naman can u please assign this issue to a technical person from your team to resolve it.?

Thanks & Regards,
Mayuri Modi

Hi @mayuri1711

We replicated this, and didn’t found this behaviour. It will be a help for us if you could come for a brief google meet video call. Request you to kindly share your email id at feedback@dhan.co.

@Naman clear browsing data from the browser do fresh login and than see the behaviour but before make sure you should have atleast one saved layout in your platform if with this step u could not able to replicate this than let’s meet on Google meet i have shared my email id on the email id provided by you.

@Naman hey were u be able to replicate this issue after clearing browsing data and do the fresh login into dhan tradingview charting platform your saved layout instrument will not be visible and any other instrument will be visible for sure if u will not be able to replicate than do let me know for the suitable time for the google meet i have already shared my email id on the email id provided by you you can use sender email id for the google meet.

Thanks & Regards,
Mayuri Modi.

Hi @mayuri1711

We tried and it is working completely fine as it should be. Sending you the meet invite on your email-id.

I’ve also experienced the same issue multiple times. Suddenly I see a different instrument in my layout. It doesn’t happen all the time but sometimes.

Hi @aryan @mayuri1711

We save your last opened SYMBOL in the browser, so if you clear browsing history or empty cache, we will open the default symbol for the first time you log-in. Thereafter, the symbol of the layout will open when you click on the load layout.

Hope this helps!

@Naman I’m aware of autosave.

Let me try to explain one incident:

  • I’ve multiple templates saved like - Banknifty (having only BNF stocks), USDINR, Stocks etc…
  • Banknifty was opened
  • I switched to Stocks (having non banking stocks)
  • After few minutes I switched back to banknifty template
  • I see a non-banknifty stocks that appearing in Banknifty layout replacing one of banking stock

In my case I see this issue usually when switching between templates

@PravinJ @Naman same is happened with me as explained by aryan but looks like u guys are ignoring this issue because it seems to be vey less priority for u guys but it will create a lot of mess into the live market sometime even drawing were not displaying properly need to refresh it multiple times than drawing was visible on the chart.

as per me if u will open each layout on a separate window than this issue would be resolved for sure.