Dhan TV - Not Visible Open Position OR Pending Orders

Hey @Dhan_Help ,

Here is the captured video Dhan TV - Pending orders and Open position issue

This is the second time Iā€™m facing such issue where open position and pending limit order (target) is not visible on the chart. Last time I had to close the position in hurry and book loss because the instability of the platform.

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Again same issue !!


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Hi @amit,

Our team is working on it and this specific scenario will be handled by EOD.

Dhan Customer Support

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Hi @PravinJ ,

Can you please think of providing a Permanent Fix?

Missing Open Position And Pending Order

Hoping by this month end this problem would be fixed permanently, otherwise no point of Trade From TV Chart if pending order goes missing.


Same issue i have been facing from last couple of day. once order gets executed there is lag in terms of order confirmation shown on TV due to which orders gets placed twice or even get reversed. i got saved only because of small capital allocated on dhan or else it is real mess. Please make it top priority @PravinJ @Naman



Hi @nickpats ,

Thanks for sharing the drive link & attached screenshots for the reference. Our team is looking into this & will coordinate with you to address it.

For quicker response, please feel free to call us at 022-4890 6273 or write at help@dhan.co, or chat with us within the app our customer team will be happy to assist you.

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