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Hi @PravinJ ,

If can you explain what should be the user exceptions from search symbol in Dhan TV?

Search result for USD FEB 82.50

Search result for USD FEB 82.50 PUT

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Hi @Naman @Dhan_Help ,

If anyone can explain…

Hi @amit

For USD there is one Currency Pair USDINR & 3 Corss-Currency Pair EURUSD, GBPUSD & USDJPY. The most popular is USDINR, so if you type only USD the results will be for most popular USDINR pair. As you have specified the strike price & option type in your search query, the results will be accordingly.

If you have different expectations or you feel there can be improvement here, please elaborate and let us know.

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Thanks @Naman for looking into.

My query is, in above case, how can the search result of “USD FEB 82.50 PUT” have more no of rows than the search result of “USD FEB 82.50”?

I think it’s because of the inclusion of the word “PUT” that it’s including more results from the top traded contacts. When I use this feature, it generally shows me the best strikes to trade after typing the TICKER whereas other brokers shows all the strikes. I like this search function way better than any other because of this reason!

The results seem to be from the top traded contracts of 82.50 strike in the first search and then top contracts after 82.50 PUT in the PUT category.

This is something which even I was curious about!

I use it this way! It was broken before so asked the customer service to fix it for NIFTY.

Literally no stress to use the option chain, this helps me choose the strike I want so quick!!

On Dhan TV option chain, there is no direct option for adding into the watchlist without first loading into the chart pane.

And hence, we need to search symbols.

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