Dhan Web - Live Market Scan results in watchlist

Hey @Dhan,

Would it be possible to have a Live Market Scan Result as watchlist in the following UI, which can help the trader in making quick decision and execution?

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I was going to post the same thing, much needed

Hi @amit @Yash0301

We had attempted this implementation - it is very difficult to execute and maintain the speed at the same time for both. Will result in degraded performance for both Watchlist and Live Scanners. We spoke with few users who open Market Scan in a new tab and are running this well.

For transparency, we have mentioned time-stamp for every live market scan against every scan. You will notice most times it is just few seconds from market time that we take to process all this information in real-time. If these signals get delayed, it will possibly not look much attractive for traders. We aim to ship everything as realtime as possible, a delayed experience won’t make us happy or our users.

Ps: we have few users who asked for this on mobile app as well (the live scanner), we tried this but have not been able to achieve the same performance as web. But we hope we will work it out and come soon on mobile - at least in Options Trader app we will include this for F&O Stocks.

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How about you make it so that it refreshes once like every 10 sec, it wont be real time but still i would like it, also the same stocks get spammed many times in scanner, please do something to fix it, like if scanner picked up the same stock which was spammed in lasr 15 or 30 second it should not show it, i hope you get what i mean, and also please introduce the scanner of “stocks nearning 52 week high/low” this helps us to stay prepared for the eventual breakout

Hey @PravinJ,

Actually, scan result without a chart glance doesn’t make sense. Just think as a trader - How will you make the trading decision, will you trade all the stocks from the scan result?

May be design a fresh UI from scratch and keep the performance constraints in mind at every step while implementing.

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