Dhan web >Markets>options> OI looser Tab add Few details & few filters

OI loosers helps me a lot to Buy stock options…
i want few things…

  1. add “Turnover column” (most needed) [as Total OI & OI change & volume all these 3 will take the lower price tick stocks first in the sorting & hence not much helpful for the option buying.

  2. add some filters for the latest information change only , Traders will love this… & will apply whatever suits them , by default it should be “From opening” (abhi jo hai), if any 1 want to see what changed in just last 15 min they can simply click “last 15 min filter” & there he/she can sort the below columns where he/she can find related info according to last 15 min. same with all the filters

  3. at market opening this is very crusial tab But have to do multipletimes refresh & everytime load more data option 8-9-10 times, then only it can sort from those data, otherwise few options even though they have higher values don’t come in sorting descending order ! must have option to load all in one
    (or must hv option to load all options which are above 10 Rs if any1 press load all which i am requesting) , i don’t mind if i get a solution like when i do sort descending & which automatically find the highest value among all (here all means which shows in the screen & which are under the load more option) actually then and then only it serves the true aspect of this tab

Hope u guyz read all 3 points carefully & implement at the earliest as this is only going to be beneficial for more traders, Nothing to lose!

Hi @Varsha777

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. We will definitely evaluate all your pointers, and try to incorporate in our roadmap as per the feasibility and value addition for the user.

Thanks again for sharing your pov.