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Dear @Dhan Team @PravinJ Jee, today while analyzing options chain I show a new feature (view margin), it it a good feature, but why it is showing a margin of 102.26 % also showing the difference in real value )which is 2.26% higher tan the trade value
screenshot attached for your reference

Hi @DebadattaMahakud, it’s a new feature currently we are checking for - works well for equity and we have to get experience right on options, the margin calculations here are not as straight-forward as equities, it is : span + exp margin + charges. work in progress - we will keep our users updated.


Thank you @PravinJ Jee …
It’s a very interesting feature.
Love :heart: 4 @Dhan is forever

But @PravinJ sir I don’t understand why a whole new popup window for just to show the required margin? I mean it can be shown on the order window also.

We are trying to find our way to get this on Order Window of TradingView, it has its own limitations.

The issue you reported is solved btw, missed updating it. Was done the next day itself.

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Thank you a lot
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