Direct MF - For Financial Goals

When are you planning to launch Direct Mutual Funds. You must launch as soon as possible. It will help traders to pledge and good for Investors also to achieve financial goals and manage their complete investment from single platform - DHAN.


Thanks @amitwaskar for your note. We are evaluating Mutual Fund as investment option on Dhan.


Hi @amitwaskar,

We’ve just gone live with our most awaited future “Margin Pledge”. Do check it out here.

We are sure you are enjoying the trading experience on Dhan (App, Web, and TradingView), and pledging is going to make this even better.

Thinking of moving your existing stocks to Dhan, well that is also possible now - simple and 100% digital, read here on transferring your shares to Dhan .

Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: