Does TV.Dhan.Co shows TSL levels like BO order?

Hello Dhan Team

very informative details on Community… thanks for maintaining that…

I am new and exploring this feature…
a quick question if you can spend some time…

QQ is: while I placed an TSL order (on alredy Bought Nifty PE), I was expecting to see a Red line (like BO order) on Tv.Dhan.Co in respective chart but unable to locate the same (even after refreshing the chart)…

Does Dhan shows TSL line like BO order on TV.DHAN.CO?
if not, is there any plan Dhan has to have that visual representation in pipeline?


Hi @Chanchal,

Thanks for your feedback. We have addressed your query here:

Thanks @JayK for feedback…
Platform already has very good features and community friendly in new feature implementation…

just to elaborate on What I expected to view on TV.Dhan.Co is
when I am already in a Position
for ex:
avg price of buy position: 100 rs
TSL limit 95
TSL trigger 96
TSL step: 2

  1. when I set a TSL order via any means including 3 options from Positions page i.e. SL, TSL, TakeProfit order; I wish to view a line on chart which shows me there is an order irrespective of whether its sent to Exchange for execution or not…
    so in above ex.
    I wish to view two lines like BO order on 95 & 96 rs
    It will ensure user that they have Risk-Management order already set…

  2. now say, if trigger is Hit and order sent to exchange for execution then it should be shown like wise.
    for ex: in case of TSL order say chart will have now some number there as P&L
    say at

  3. 97rs: P&L = -3 * lotsize

  4. at 101: TSL order Set etc. or (-4 * lotsize etc -4 = AvgPrice-TSLTrigger)

  5. now say, my TSL is increasing in my favor then as per position increases TSL (as set in step) then I expect my TSL line would be reset according to that on chart
    for ex:
    at 102: P&L = -2 * lotsize (-2 = AvgPrice - increasedTSL)
    at 104: P&L = 0
    at 106: P&L = 2 * lotsize (2 = increasedTSL - AvgPrice as TSL is now above AvgPrice)

I wonder, all users would probably love something like this…


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Hi @Chanchal,

We understand how this can help and have noted your feedback. Currently, as informed earlier, only orders that are triggered from our end and sent to exchange are shown on charts. We will review feasibility for our future builds.

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