Email on price alerts

Currently, the alerts are sent via push notifications only. Can we get an email for the same? I don’t always keep my phone with me but am active on my laptop with email on. It helps if I get an email so that I can take action when I get an alert, else I see the notification later in the day when the market is closed.


Hi @sv28, currently, the way we have made price alerts is that you can keep a track of the same through one place - an ability to check the alerts you have set and the ones that has achieved the alert as well.

The primary reason we avoided doing an email alert was that we received feedback that it gets lost in the sea of other emails and if you wanted to take an action on it, there is a considerable delay as well.

When you are active on your laptop during market hours, do you have the Dhan website open? We can explore the idea of web browser notifications in this case.

Please provide us with email alerts they are very helpful, and as someone who is more active on PC, i frequently check emails, qnd most will qgree with me too, idk where you got that feedback from


Hi @Yash0301, point noted. We will re-evaluate this and keep you posted. :slight_smile:

Hi @Anirudha , I am not a full-time trader because of which I don’t have the app open on the web. I just want to come online and take a position(which happens biweekly in most cases if I find any relevant opportunity). One possible option could be to allow users to opt-in for an in-app/email alert.