Error in order execution

I am facing order execution while placing any SL order or Fresh order in dhan app in Pre-Market even price reached much below the desired price I need to cancelled that order then need to place fresh order,
Yesterday I place a buy order for Bajaj auto at 4377 in pre market price gone till 4370 approx at 9:26 but my order not executed then I cancelled that order and placed fresh order then client I’d is 1000560167

I reported it to customer care but they are saying that it’s issue at the end of exchange, I am paying brokerage to Dhan and it’s responsibility of dhan for my orders.
I never face that kind of error previously with some reputed brokers like sharekhan.

Can you guys imagine if I place my SL order in premarket and if order will not execute it can be big loss to a trader.

Due to these error I am feeling disappointed with dhan and shifting to other brokers because safety of my capital is preference.


Hi @yogesh86k Customer Support is correct. Transactions that are placed in Pre-Market are executed in that window, and price discovery happens in this time, we have mentioned about this in detail here: Introducing: Pre-Open Trading on Dhan - Product Announcements 🔈 - Dhan Community

From the same post:

Hope this clarifies. As soon as there is confirmation of orders that are executed by exchanges, you will see that on Dhan.

Sir, Thanks for your quick response as mentioned above that all unmatched orders will be executed at 9:15 but my order was not executed even 9:26, I can understand that orders can take some time to settle just after market open but how it is possible after 10 minutes of market open?

I think it’s issue with dhan in sending order to exchange. I request you to check the issue with IT team to fing the solution.

Sure. Do share your concern with Customer Support team, will review your order IDs.

You can also independently verify all your trades on exchanges over here:

Hi @yogesh86k, Missed updating.

I checked by the way. here are the time stamps for your order:
ORDER_PLACEMENT TIME : 20:06:2023 09:26:54
TRADE TIME : 20:06:2023 09:26:54

Thanks Sir for checking my error personally, please note that order was not executed so had to I cancelled that order and place a fresh order at 9:26:54 as you mentioned, my concern was regarding order placed in pre-Market but not executed even price gone much below the order price, this case is not a single case I always face this issue when I place SL order in pre market it doesn’t execute.

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looks quite concerning guys… AMO order(doesn’t matter options or cash) must be there in pending orders after market opening… & must have executed in live market if prices comes on that day anytime after market opening.

Some detailed clarification From Dhan team will be appreciated.