Executed Order Outside Allowed Tick Size

Hi @PravinJ,

Can you please enlighten me how did the Buy order got executed at 0.3368 outside the allowed tick size?

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Meanwhile Open Position On TV showing a 0.3375

That is probably the avg price as multiple contract lots got executed at multiple price points.

Yes @t7support , I calculated the average price from contract note and it seems Dhan Web showing it correct. Since most of the time LIMIT order doesnโ€™t execute, I think I should try next time STOP LIMIT to keep the slippage at minimum.

So, @PravinJ Dhan TV price for open position is incorrect:

  1. It doesnโ€™t match with price shown in Dhan Web
  2. It shows wrong average price (may be due to tick size limitation)

Most likely yes, I am travelling at this moment. Will check this. But yes - most likely for tick size.