Exit order getting blocked due to insufficient funds

As I have been only practicing options with a single order only with options buying that too with fund of 72K …this is enough amount for one lot order
I have always been facing problem while placing the exit order , the system many times does not take the exit order saying insufficient funds ???

Someone suggested me a sell order might have been placed due to which this error is seen but want to know how does sell order gets placed while I only place buy order and put Stop loss or Trailing stop loss…if it that while executing trailing SL , the sell order also gets triggered.

Kindly clarify this…having this serious issue due to which at time of exit position system does not allow to exit quoting insufficient funds.

Pls help Need help and how to correct this situation

Hi @SanjayD for exact check, please write on help@dhan.co or go through instant chat with customer support. Every order scenario is different.

not a satisfactory reply Pravin J
This issue is serious as have bee trading with only 1 lot what if I trade with 5000 lot and face the same issue ?

Will be stuck out on profit booking or loss minimizing. Request any one expert in understanding this context to reply please. will be helpful for other traders also.