Family & Friends Trading/ Investing Account

Can you create a feature where I can manage 10 or more, other Dhan accounts of my family/ friends. Where whatever I take a trade is also executed in their accounts. This will ease a hassel of one member managing family member accounts. Once can send request to other member to manage the account. It would be a pretty awesome and industry 1st feature. What say people!! Its all about tech that talks!!! Wooo!
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Any response on this?

Hi @arunkushwaha

This is valid feedback and also acknowledged that it is indeed an experience lot of users will appreciate. I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be built :slight_smile:

Just a side-note that exchange and regulatory guidelines don’t allow us to do copy trading, so every transaction will need to be executed by the account holder only.

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Copy trade is not allowed, but can you be smart enough to bring this feature. Like google sheets with API connect to execute the trades, that are not possible on web platform - BO , CO, TGT, SL SL Limit. Multiple execution. I mean something which takes off from impulsive acts because of fluctuating prices.

I guess what you are asking is somewhat not practical. You are asking for API connect among multiple trading accounts and further executing orders across multiple trading account at one click.
I really dont think this is possible and also it doesnt fit in the regulatory framework.