Feature announcement - Invested Watchlist on Dhan

We follow our favorite stocks everywhere. First you add them to the watchlist, and when you invest in them, you follow them in your portfolio.

It could also be stocks which momentarily pique our interest - maybe a sleepy stock is suddenly at a 52-week high? :wink:

And let’s be honest. Just like our closet, our watchlist can become a little messy over time. Sometimes, we end up buying the stock and removing it from our watchlist. Even worse, most of our invested stocks get lost in the number of scrips giving us another to do item - clean up watchlist, which we keep procrastinating on. :slight_smile:

Make tracking stocks you invest in simple and easy with - Invested Watchlist

While 100% users track prices and stock performance of what they invest in, we thought we will make it easy and simple for users of Dhan by introducing - Invested Watchlist.

Every stock you invest for the long term, which is all delivery trades once settled to your demat account, appears automatically in your Invested watchlist, and when you sell them they automatically disappear from this watchlist.

And don’t worry - this is an additional watchlist over and above your existing 6 watchlists. We are not taking away your existing behavior with watchlists, you can still continue to add the stock you invested to multiple watchlists.

We have enabled ‘Invested Watchlist’ for your Dhan account starting today, when you login to Dhan you will be able to see it in your watchlist if you have invested in more than 3 stocks.

That’s not all, there is more coming as we re-define the watchlist experience for our users, for now you’re going to love Invested Watchlist.

We believe both watchlists and portfolios serve different purposes for investors. That’s how we are building and going to build Dhan going forward - stocks that you have in your portfolio will bring you actionable insights and info about your investments while stocks or scrips you want to track will be in your watchlist with information helping you make decisions.

We hope this new feature will help you. We are continuously optimising our investment experience based on your requests. Every suggestion and feedback that we receive from you, we carefully evaluate and incorporate to build Dhan. Do let us know your feedback here or on feedback@dhan.co or share with us directly from the Dhan app.

And before you ask us again, Dhan website is getting ready and will be available in October, yay!

Thank you, we go back to building Dhan for you now. :slight_smile:

Growth team @ Dhan


“Invested Watchlist” seems helpful as in general we do not tend to check our invested portfolios daily and just browse through newer investment opportunities. This at times results in devaluation of invested stocks and we do not correct the course of action in time thereby reducing the potential profits or even loss. Great feature and nicely explained!!


Hey @shraddha @PravinJ ,

Why is there no Invested Watchlist for a trader?

Shouldn’t there be a similar watchlist of scripts with open positions or shouldn’t the existing Invested Watchlist also include open position scripts?


They already have open positions on Dhan, and we do provide the best experience to manage positions :slight_smile:

@PravinJ ,

So, does investors have Portfolio, isn’t it?

Even if there is a separate section called Portfolio, what purpose does this extra watchlist called invested solve?


Can’t the same happen for a trader?

Please check the UI options and workflow to understand this feature request.

Hi Amit

Traders take positions and exit, in many cases within minutes or even faster. No fun in building it for them, and also usability will be a miss - stuff will come and go faster, its bad experience according to me.

But most importantly to implement any features like this that based on trades / positions - takes a toll on trading systems and hampers performance. We don’t want go in that direction.

For investors, we have seen users actively using Watchlist for invested… In Dhan - views of stocks when in watchlist is different from that when from portfolio.

@PravinJ ,

Alright, how about providing the Fast Navigation Button also in the Positions Section so that the trader can easily add the scripts to a watchlist if he wants?

Can this be minimal and useful at the same time?