Feature Request - Monthly Perfromance

Hello team,

Requesting for a feature like

Monthly performance for F&O (Something like Colour indicator or something similar )

hi @pavz, where would you like to see it and how?

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Hi Pravin,

Under Personal Statistics → Currently seeing only the total trade value

May be something like 12 bars for each month & indicating a colour or a flag for Profit / Loss for a quick reference.

Noted. We will add this to our list of things to build. This might take a bit honestly, we are tons of things to ship :slight_smile: many interesting ones for investors & traders.

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Thanks Pravin,

This is actually to show it to my DAD ( who doesn’t understand the contract notes)

Atleast EOM screenshot will be good option :orange_heart: :grinning:

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Also have a Ground breaking feature addition till now no broker has done it

Requesting for a call to discuss this :handshake: :pray:

Have pinged you on Twitter , kindly acknowledge

Sure @pavz. I am connecting you with @RahulDeshpande for same.


Hi @pavz ,
Looking forward to having a chat with you. This is my email: rahul.deshpande@dhan.co, please drop a mail here and we will coordinate further.

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