Feature Request on behalf of retailer community

Using Dhan app Since last few days and it’s amazing to use. I have high hope with dhan as they are very keen to add unique features. One feature suggestion if you could apply

  1. Buying selling order trigger based on nifty 50 price. For example if I want to buy nifty future (Market order) when nifty 50 will be at certain point and exit my position based on nifty 50 price.it be best feature if implemented. Best if same thing will be happen with options as well. For example buy nifty 18000CE when nifty 50 reach certain price level.
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Hi Karan,
We are glad that you are liking the Dhan experience. :smiley:
We have noted your suggestion. Be rest assured, our community members will be the first to try this out when we do decide to launch it.