Feature Request

  1. Basket Order For options with required margin calculation.
  2. Trade From Chart on mobile and Web.
  3. Insta Trade Feature like angle one providing where we can easily move between nifty and bank nifty and trade directly far and near otm from that panel.
  4. CPR and Open Interest indicators
  5. Strategy builder if possible
  6. Position Sizing where i can choose percentage amount to trade from total available fund and percentage of amount exit from position.( No one provide this feature and it would be helpful to achieve 1mn customer target)

Hi Karan,

Made a note of your suggestions, some of them a very interesting. Share this with our team and we will add them to Dhan. Thanks for these.


Hi @Karan4999
We have updated the Basket Order and now it is available for all the segments including Futures & Options. We have also give a view for Margin required with adjusted benefits, if any. Please go through this link Introducing: Basket Orders for Traders on Web & App (Options, Futures & Equity) - Product Announcements πŸ”ˆ - Dhan Community

Trade from chart is already present. You can go to tradingview.dhan.co and read more about it here. Introducing: Trade Directly from Charts in partnership with TradingView - Product Announcements πŸ”ˆ - Dhan Community

Also we have launched CPR indicator and we are working on Open Interest indicator as well.

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