Feature Update: Now Live Daily & Weekly CPR for Traders

Last week, we announced the Daily CPR with Pivot Levels for traders across all the Dhan platforms (App, web.dhan.co, tradingview.dhan.co). It’s being well received by our users and we noticed that many of our regular traders have been already using it for optimizing their strategies.

Daily CPR helps in identifying the particular day’s trading range by capturing everything about the market sentiment.

Now we are very happy to introduce Weekly CPR as well, which will help traders in providing a broader view of how the market is going ahead, by analyzing the weekly data.

How to get started with Weekly CPR on Dhan?

CPR indicators can be accessed on TradingView charts across all the Dhan platforms: Mobile App, Web (web.dhan.co) and also TradingView console of Dhan (tv.dhan.co). Select indicators and search for CPR Pivot Levels Daily or Weekly.

We have been releasing features updates regularly to improve product experience of our users and to help in optimizing their trading strategies. Do let us know what you think of the feature.

Happy Trading & enjoy your Dhan experience. :smiley:

Product Team - Dhan

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